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Protect against lattice steel corrosion

If you need protection against corrosion of your lattice steel, anchor bolt assemblies and concrete foundations, use Armor-Shield CSA.


E/Insulation is a minimum 20kV phase-to-ground flame and arc resistant cover up. Electrically insulating and made from high temperature vulcanized silicone, it is split for ease of application.

E/Insulation is the same type commonly used for polymer or non-ceramic insulators being sold today. The cross section of E/Insulation allows the substation electrician or the distribution lineman ease of application. The hose is simply pulled and split apart allowing it to be quickly slipped onto round or angle substation cable or bus.

Because E/Insulation is formed from high temperature vulcanized silicone, it is very pliable at all temperatures, yet it is tough and robust to allow extremely rough handling, the abuse of line trucks and hundreds of on and off applications.