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Protect against lattice steel corrosion

If you need protection against corrosion of your lattice steel, anchor bolt assemblies and concrete foundations, use Armor-Shield CSA.

Midsun E/Fusing Tape

Midsun E/Fusing Tape is sold across the world and is available in South Africa. Transmission and distribution equipment can be protected in a snap by wrapping the tape to any odd shape. Technicians will always have a roll handy and never have to battle with heat shrinking tape and regular replacement of vinyl tapes and traditionally used capping products that fail in our harsh climate.

Midsun E/Fusing Tape can be used for:

  • pollution
  • contamination
  • UV protection
  • jacketing high voltage terminations
  • insulation of cables
  • bus bars and connectors
  • insulation for high temperature applications
  • transformer insulation
  • wiring harness protective wrap
  • terminal splicing protection
  • corrosion protection
  • insulating hand tools