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Protect against lattice steel corrosion

If you need protection against corrosion of your lattice steel, anchor bolt assemblies and concrete foundations, use Armor-Shield CSA.

Midsun E/Cutout Cover

Open air capacitor banks; a jungle gym for birds, squirrels and cats are no longer vulnerable with our one size fits all capacitor covers.

E/Cutout Cover is a molded high temperature vulcanized silicone cover for preventing animal outages.

Made from 65 Durometer Silicone, almost 3.175 millimeter thick, it will electrically insulate Distribution and Substation cutout switches.

E/Cutout Cover is hydrophobic and flexible allowing for easy opening and closing of complete insulation unit. Unlike other hard plastic covers, cutting holes, making slits and field modifications are virtually eliminated with the E/Cutout Cover.

E/Cutout Cover can be used in any environment. The natural hydrophobicity of silicone along with its’ superior U.V. and chemical resistant properties sustains expected life beyond 20 years. Install and forget. No other plastisol, polypropylene, polyethylene or heat shrink cover has the long term life of a E/Cutout Cover.

In addition, the closure flange is held in position by the same silicone as the cover. No more rotted tie wraps that allow those other covers to fall off. Our push pins are completely reusable on all our Midsun E/Cutout Cover.

Midsun E/Cutout Cover is used by:

  • Power Utilities
  • Telecommunication Contractor
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Telecommunications Utilities
  • Cable Contractor
  • Independent Power Producers For the purpose of:
  • Preventing tree and animal contact on bushings and other distribution and substation equipment.
  • Complete insulation coverage.

Midsun E/Cutout Cover:

  • Can be left in place
  • Will not change its mechanical & physical properties over time.
  • Will not chalk, craze or crack under normal operating conditions.
  • Prevents voltage puncture from phase-to-phase contact.
  • All materials same U.V. life cycle